Impression With Chioma

Celebrity Personal Stylist
& Image Consultant

Trained with the Style Coaching Institute London as a Style, Image & Confidence Coach, and the School Of Style, California as a Personal Stylist. I am also a qualified Makeup Artist.

Style Coach

Style is not inborn it is a habit that we can learn, cultivate and live it over time. We will help you discover your unique style personality. You will be properly groomed, empowered to be your best self and increase your confidence.

Image Consulting

We will help you to confidently and boldly express the person you want to seen and known for, by building the right mindset and healthy self-image to achieve long-lasting successes in every area of your amazing life going forward.

Light, Camera & Pose

Daily, women and men around the world have something in common. We all begin by dressing up. This is something we enjoy, find creative and fun! Build a ready portfolio with us of your wow images for your profiling and social media.

Personal Stylist for Any Occasion

IWC Academy

Upcoming Workshop

IWC Academy is a quarter training program for fashionista and Fashion designers. Some topics we teach are Self Discovery & Being your Authentic self, Confidence & Body Language, Personal Grooming, Style & Makeover Tips, Creating a confidence voice, Embracing Fun, etc.

Classes are starting soon.


Why Clients Love Me

At Impressions With Chioma, we believe in taking advantage of having a lasting impression, first within and then without, to help you create the perfect first impression by having the perfect aura and exuding confidence about your personality and individuality.

Your personality is a statement and a powerful expression on a daily basis, hence it needs to be cared for, nurtured and given utmost priority and expression.
A celebrity is not celebrated without a sense of style, obviously, celebrities are trendsetters for a good image and great sense of style, they can also be referred to as style icons for their numerous fans, which is the importance of style and appearance.

Trend Setting Style

Personalized Styling

Professional Timing

Flexible Pricing

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IWC aims to helping men, women and organizations communicate effectively and look successful.

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