Become a fashion recessionista

by Chioma Okeke
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Become a fashion recessionista

Recessionista is a person who evokes being affected by the recession because it’s the in-thing to do, especially if they have no real need to or simply defined let’s say a person who is able to stick to a budget whilst managing to dress stylishly.
Looking good is all about carrying yourself with confidence which is easy to do once you feel put-together and radiant.
Fashionistas have become “Recessionistass” following their passion for fashion but doing so within the constraints of the current economic situation. *wink*

Become a fashion recessionista

Become a fashion recessionista

Here are a few tips on becoming a stylish recessionista

  • FIT √
  • FABRIC √
  • MIX UP √

FIT: Whatever clothing item you want to invest in should fit, or tailor it to fit your dresses, pants, T-shirt, – fix ‘me, modify ’em, come on tailor ’em !! Nice fitting cloth looks great and flatters your body.

FABRIC: Nothing screams CHEAP more than spandex and scratchy polyester clothing. Cheap fabrics go hand-in-hand with poor fit., cheap fabric puckers, clings, bunches and accentuate all of the ill fittings, Now you don’t want that, do you?

INFORMATION: It’s about making good use of departmental stores sales and discount period to make a classic purchase. Basically the big retailers aren’t selling their stuffs so they go to the wholesalers and discounts stores, you can check out Mr Price, Max, Red tag, and clove Galleria fashion outlets ( this stores offer discount on retail items) although this deals don’t come often but once it does make the most of it.

MIX-UP: Eras, labels and price ranges – be creative, put down the current issue of your favorite fashion magazine, walk away from it slowly, and look elsewhere for fashion inspiration like that vintage store on your street, or even your own attic. Match old with new, expensive and inexpensive, seasonal and the likes all come to play to give you that glamorous look and trust me, heads will turn

QUALITY VS QUANTITY: In my early years my late mom taught me to always go all out for quality over quantity, so you go out and but 5 cheap clothes rather than 1 quality cloth, be sure you will use them as rags soonest. Never knew my mom was a recessionista oops! Anyways this is what being a savvy recessionista is all about

Now the most important garment to splurge on are:

  • Pant and Skirt – (black)
  • Shirts – (white) make it cotton, linen, wool all 100% natural
  • Sweaters – spend more on cashmere as an angora blend is a cool and smart move.

These items will last longer, wear better and most importantly look and feel luxurious, my advice is shop smart, spend wisely and buy DELIBERATELY.


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