What is Style?

by Chioma Okeke
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What pops up in your mind when you hear style?  

Most times whenever the term ‘style‘ is used, it most commonly refers to one’s fashion or physical appearance. But then style is far more than your Gucci shoes, Fendi Bags, shoulder length haircut, waist length hairstyles or Clove Galleria clothing.
The Style Coaching™ philosophy simply describes a style as “a possession without a price tag ” voila! That says it all,  style is firstly exuding inner confidence, the way you move your body,  dress, talk,  knowing your personality, knowing what works for your unique body shape, expressing who you are as an individual or do anything for that matter.


This talks about all of our thoughts, interests, emotions, and values.
Do you know that everything on the outside is merely a reflection of what’s going on inside,  Hmmmmm that’s some food for thought!
OK! let’s continue,  *laughs*
Discovering your style and what works for your personality can be learned through educating and training your eyes.
Hey you!  I am not here to just help you upgrade your outer appearance, I’m sure when you hear Style Coach™ by  Chioma or wardrobe consultant & personal shopper, that we deal only with fashion. Fashion is only one part of your Style.
A style is the total sum of your body language, confident postures, hair and make-up,  and so on.
Regardless of your age, size & shape, you can achieve a great sense of style, it comes from being totally free,  being comfortable with yourself inwardly and outwardly.
Sometimes we are not aware of what we’re communicating and it’s far beyond our control to keep track of all that we are expressing.
Style comes from having a positive mental attitude, healthy self-worth, self-esteem, as well as our hair, clothing, make-up and skin care. Unfortunately, in today’s world, many of us have been conditioned to believe that if we ‘love’ ourselves, or even if we don’t disagree when someone offers us a compliment, we must be somewhat vain or narcissistic.
It is easy to feel the pressure to conform in today’s society – media can lead you to believe that you need to look a certain way and our minds are conditioned to believe the world, why have we become afraid to say “I love my body” I know it may not be considered perfect but am certainly not where I used to be, capiche!
Being stylish does not mean you have to dress for the red carpet at all times it is about finding great clothes that work for you and your lifestyle, it is being able to sit, stand, stretch a little,  walk, bend over,  get in and out of your car with ease and comfort.
Most times some people think that as a Style Coach™ I must always look stylishly impeccable at all times *Lol*.  Sometimes am home chilling, wearing clothes that are more about comfort than fashion.  Style can be achieved with the simplest outfit and basic accessory, it is often connoted with “less is more philosophy” with a beautiful smile to compliment you.
Fashion is more of trends, whilst style is what really suits you,  fashion may not always suit you but style will stand you out.
Fashion comes and goes but style is ageless and timeless, we are unique to every other individual and totally incomparable, hence we should work on our individual characteristic that makes us who we are and sets us apart from one another. It is our uniqueness we need to embrace and learn to enhance, not dislike or wish away. Sigh!!!
I strongly believe that everyone has the capability to be a charismatic being, the type of woman or man that everyone loves and is drawn towards, So,  what makes up your complete Style?
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